The Playback Oral History Project – State Library of Queensland.

The State Library Queensland is currently seeking Expressions of Interest for their Playback Oral History Project in 2014.

Below is a very brief summary taken from the SLQ Website. For further information, please click on the applicable links.

As a result from the State Library of Queensland’s Digitisation and Access survey it has been noted that the sheer volume of material captured over time and stored on magnetic tape is becoming progressively challenging to store, access and maintain in preservation for the future.

The Playback Oral History project aims to: “…digitise, preserve and provide access to 200 hours of Queensland’s un-digitised oral history material currently held in public libraries and local communities throughout the state”.

Expressions of Interest are sought for the following:

“From public libraries, in partnership with their nearby local museum, archive, heritage organisation or community group to:

  • identify twenty (20) hours of significant oral content from local collections for digitisation;
  • participate in a 3-day training workshop;
  • create and present new content using newly digitised oral history at a Heritage Tourism Symposium”.

A further description of this exciting project and contact details for Expressions of Interest can be found on the SLQ website, via this link.