Appropriate Approaches to Online Community: An Experiment

I’m pleased to be posting this on behalf of Pip Shea, a designer, artist and PhD student here at QUT whose work is closely aligned with our Community Uses of Co-Creative Media research project. Pip has been developing these booklets as an experiment in translation across academic and community contexts, and it’s fantastic to see the first of them out in the wild!

From Pip’s original post:

Appropriate Approaches to Online Community is the title of the first booklet in a series of critical guides I have been developing for community artists. It is an experiment that attempts to translate some of my PhD research findings. The booklet was inspired and informed by a period of fieldwork at CuriousWorks.

The guide explores multiple aspects of making online community networks, so that practitioners might develop appropriate Internet practices – network solutions that take the specific needs of individuals and communities in to consideration. The guide promotes critical approaches to online community building, to encourage the continuation of creative practices beyond community arts projects.

Get the PDF at the original post